Certificate in Rural Health


This certificate program is designed to give Pharm.D. students a concentration in both rural health science and the practice of rural healthcare.  Students who complete this program will have a better understanding of the health challenges and opportunities in rural communities as well as a better ability to improve health of patients and populations within these communities. Very generally, “rural” can be defined as less densely populated geographic areas; this program introduces students to the more specific definitions of rural that are used by the U.S. federal government and other organizations.

This mission of this certificate program is to produce Pharm.D. graduates who are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to thrive as a pharmacist working in rural settings.

  • Describe basic concepts in rural health science, including measurement, methods, and testing solutions to rural health problems.
  • Analyze rural health issues and make evidence-based recommendations for improvement.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of rural health issues in rural pharmacy practice settings.
  • Apply the knowledge of rural health science to real-world healthcare and community settings.
  • Integrate the knowledge from courses in the certificate program and apply this knowledge to enhance patient care in advanced experiential rotations.
  • Identify and demonstrate ability to implement solutions to rural health problems.
  • Must be enrolled in the Pharm.D. program at DKICP and have completed their P1 year.

To apply, please submit a brief letter of interest (one page or less) to pharmacy@hawaii.edu by September 20, 2021. 

Letters of interest will be reviewed and selected applicants will be notified of acceptance via email.  Accepted students are responsible for working with the program coordinator to ensure rural APPE sites. 

Please feel free to contact Dr. Karen Pellegrin at karen3@hawaii.edu with any questions.

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