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The primary objective of the Pharmacy Practice Experiences (PPE) is for the student to learn through experience. Students must actively participate in pharmacy practice and seek guidance from their preceptor, other pharmacy staff/health care professionals, their DKICP Advisor or the course coordinator.


Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) occurs in the first, second and third years that provides for a minimum of 300 hours of introductory experiences required by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

As the IPPE Experience continues through the curriculum, students should expect to gain experience in making professional decisions, with the preceptor encouraging greater autonomy as the student learns and demonstrates his or her problem-solving skills.


Advanced pharmacy practice experiences for the PY4 students began immediately after the PY3 year. Students are scheduled to participate in six rotations that are six weeks in length, providing students with a minimum of 1440 hours of experience. Mandatory rotations include:

  1. Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy
  2. Acute care
  3. Ambulatory Care
  4. Community pharmacy

Each student chooses two elective rotations. Rotations are held on all four major islands of Hawaiʻi, Kauaʻi, Maui and Oʻahu, as well as the US territories of American Samoa, Guam and Saipan. Students also have the opportunity to complete rotations at a variety of mainland sites.


PY3 students attend several APPE Preparation Boot Camp Sessions during the month of April prior to starting their APPE rotations (approximately 8 hours). During this Boot Camp, students are provided with forms and tools that are necessary for them to become organized and prepared for APPE rotations. Students are informed about learning objectives, activities that may be encountered on required rotations, and expectations and requirements for each rotation. Current PY4 students also have the opportunity to participate in this Boot Camp by giving presentations to the PY3 students of their experiences and helpful hints on what helped them succeed on rotations.

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